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Italian Restaurants Are Talking Chicken Marsala

There are some dishes that are staples at Italian restaurants everywhere. One of our favorites is Chicken Marsala. This delicious and popular Italian-American dish consists of chicken cutlets that have been pounded thin, dredged in flour, and then pan-fried to perfection. The chicken is then served with a savory sauce made from Marsala wine, mushrooms, and other seasonings. If you’ve ever tasted this dish, it will come as no surprise that it’s a favorite for many people.


Let’s take a look at how this classic meal made it onto the menus of Italian restaurants everywhere.


The Origins

The origin of Chicken Marsala goes back to the island of Sicily, which is located in the southern part of Italy. Marsala wine, a fortified wine made in the town of Marsala, located on the western coast of Sicily, is the key ingredient in this dish. The first known production of this wine was in the late 18th century, and it quickly became popular throughout Italy and Europe.


The Meal We Know Today

Chicken Marsala, as we know it today, made its first appearance in the United States in the early 20th century. We don’t know for certain who first made Chicken Marsala. However, most people believe that a restaurant in New York City called Le Cirque was the first to introduce it. In the 1930s, Le Cirque became famous for its Italian cuisine, including its Chicken Marsala.


An Italian-American Staple

Over the years, Chicken Marsala has become a staple of Italian-American cuisine. It is now a popular dish that is served in restaurants and homes all across the United States. While the basic recipe for Chicken Marsala has remained largely unchanged over the years, many chefs and home cooks have put their own spin on the dish by adding different ingredients and seasonings.


restaurants near me

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