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Italian Restaurants Love Limoncello!

With Italian restaurants comes their customs and tradition. Limoncello has become a prominent part of the dinner tradition in much of Italy over the years! At Scola’s Italian Restaurant in Dracut, we have made it our mission to capture the essence of what true Italian tradition looks like through our authentic recipes. And one of our favorites is a timeless classic at any Italian table – Limoncello.


Here, we take a closer look at Limoncello and how it has influenced Italian culture and Italian restaurants!


The First Limoncello

One of the most popular Italian liqueurs, Limoncello originated in Capri by a businessman named Massimo Canale. However, as the liqueur’s popularity grew, the need for its main ingredient, lemon zest, did as well! To grow, lemons need perfect soil, which was found along the southern coast of Italy, more specifically in Sicily, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast. 

In addition to the Limoncello, these regions also exhibit the use of lemons in many of their traditional desserts and dinners! What makes Limoncello so unique is its perfect balance between sour and sweet. The drink tastes strong but refreshing, with an alcohol content of thirty percent. However, unlike most liqueurs of that alcohol concentration, it does not burn your throat.


When to Drink Limoncello

Traditionally, limoncello is served chilled with no ice. It is considered by many to be a digestif, meaning that it aids digestion, which is why it is most commonly consumed after a meal. However, with its increased popularity, it has evolved into a drink fit for any occasion. 

Many delight in the pale yellow drink before meals as well as mixed with other cocktails. In fact, limoncello continues to be used to make everything from simple mixed drinks to complex cocktails and martinis.

Scola’s Italian Restaurant Dracut

Here at Scola’s, we strive to provide you with an authentic Italian experience. We value variety when it comes to our menu so that you have numerous classic Italian choices from your drink to your dessert and everything in between! 


Visit Scola’s today at 101 Broadway Road in Dracut, MA. We promise you’ll be glad you gave us a try! And remember to follow us on Facebook for the latest happenings and mouth-watering specials!

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